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3 Name Card Design and Printing Key Tips

A name card might seem small. This 85mm x 55mm piece of paper, however, is more than it seems. Although a name card is basically a tool for contact information exchange, it is also a great marketing tool. So, you can’t do a half-hearted job when it comes to designing and printing a name card. In order to make your networking attempt along with subtle marketing effort a success, your name card printing needs to look attractive and works effectively.

Not sure how to make a good name card? No worries, we’ve got everything covered for you. All you have to do is take note of these tips and try it out on your own.

1. Study Design From Other Name Cards

In your entire professional career, surely you have received a lot of name cards. Hopefully, you haven’t thrown them out. Gather all the name cards that you have and take a look at the details of each. Take note of what you like from the design or printing of the name card and what you don’t like from them. This will give you a great guideline of what you need to do with your own name card. When you design your name card, later on, you have to make sure to include the positive aspects from other name cards and ensure that none of the bad things are present on your design.

If you don’t have any name cards with you, don’t worry. You can easily find references online, too.

2. Brand Consistency

Since you are trying to market your brand as well with the name card that you have, you must include the brand identity of your company such as the company logo, company color scheme, as well as font to make a name card that goes along with other branding tool or stationery that your company has. This way, people will be familiarized with your brand. Every little thing counts, so don’t dismiss the importance of branding with your name card even though it is a small item that doesn’t seem significant.

3. Remember the Basic Design Principles

Yes, you can be as creative as you want with the design and printing of your name card. But you have to make sure that the basics are not forgotten. This is important especially for the name card printing process because basics are more toward how to make your design compatible with name card printing.

The basics that you have to remember for name card design and printing are:

Bleed area – there should be a bleed area of at least 3 mm for your name card design. This is important to make sure that the important part of your name card does not get cut off later on during the trimming process after name card printing.

Design in CMYK – people often forget to design in CMYK. Instead, they design in RGB and print in CMYK because it is the default for printer inks. As a result, the color reproduction is not accurate and it does not look good. So, to avoid it, change the colors from RGB to CMYK in the design software.

Design resolution – how are you going to get a high-quality result if the design resolution is low? A design should at least be in 300 dpi for the best results.

Dominic Morales

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